My question involves education law in the State of: North Carolina.

I have a 16yr old cousin that's been told he cannot return to school until he takes a drug test and is evaluated by monarch or a daymark center for substance abuse.

Second day of school, after his weight lifting class, he started falling alot and couldn't walk due to leg pain and legs giving out on him. He fainted a couple of times at the school and my grandmother picked him up they took him to urgent care and he was diagnosed with a hamstring strain.

That afternoon his principal came to the house with papers for his parents letting them know he needed to be tested for drugs and evaluated before returning to school because they think he's on drugs.

This is a 16yr old boy that's spent his entire summer staying up all night playing video games and never eating like he should. Once school started back he also was put back on his adhd medication and started weight lifting without being physically active for almost 2 months.

Does the school have the right to make these accusations with no proof and keep him from school like this?