My question involves estate proceedings in the state of: DE

To qualify the above, we're currently in NJ but moving to DE in December. My wife and I are both in our second marriage and have adult children from our previous marriages. We are past the age of having more kids.

We both wanted to set up our wills so that in the event one of us dies, that person's children would receive a set amount at that time. We tried doing it with beneficiaries, but of course that's a mess with some accounts being pretax, others not, etc.

In doing some research, the QTIP seems to be set up to solve this problem. But those are set up so that the surviving spouse keeps that money in trust and benefits from any income generated from it until he/she passes, then it is paid out to the children of the first deceased spouse. We would like to provide for our children as soon as we pass, not have them wait until the other spouse passes. Is that possible with a QTIP if both spouses are in agreement? We have no real estate, only liquid assets in pre-and post tax accounts, we're 60 and 58 years old, and also some life insurance.

Thanks in advance for any help.