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    Default Shares of Stock Were Stolen from a Parent's Estate

    My question involves personal finance in the State of: California.

    I hope I chose the right section to post in. 10 years ago my dad died and he owned Boeing stock. There was no will and my sister took over the estate and would not let me be involved. I did not know anything about dad's finances. Fast forward to 2014, mom dies. Mom and dad were divorced. Mom has a trust and sister is trustee. This time I get an attorney. Sister/trustee has been fighting and ignoring all legal actions. Recently her present attorney mentions that there is Boeing stocks in the trust. I contact Boeing since the original trust documents mentions nothing about Boeing stock and I remember dad owned Boeing stock.

    Boeing states they no record at all of my mother's name but they do have stocks that are solely in my sister's name, not in my mom's trust name as sister/trustee's attorney states. I ask for more info about how sister got the stocks and they clam up and tell me I have to get an attorney. As mentioned I have an attorney who says he will get to the Boeing stocks when and if we ever get an accounting or settlement from trustee. Trustee made an offer to settle and sent contract that was all wrong and needed to be corrected. The trustees attorney did not correct contract and has now stopped speaking to my attorney. I suspect trustee has fired her attorney. She did that once already to her original attorney.

    My attorney says we will get to Boeing stocks when the trust issue is settled. It has been ten years since dad died. Can I still do anything about the stocks. How can I find out if these were my dad's stocks that my sister stole from me? Do I have to have an attorney to research and get all the transfer info. The stocks are solely in my sister's name yet her attorney states they are in the trust.

    My sister is very dishonest, I know most trustees end up that way from what I have read. Does the original offer of a settlement still hold true even if a lot of time has passed since my sister's attorney sent the bad contract to sign. My lawyer told the judge we had a settlement and now that hasn't happened. Is this a breach and can my sister be forced to go thru with the settlement? Do I need a special attorney to work on the stocks or is there some way I can do the research and be sure the stocks were my dad's. Thanks for all the help you can offer

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    Default Re: Sister Stole Boeing Stock when Dad Died

    Your current lawyer really should be answering all of this for you. If there is an issue that is outside of his scope of practice he should suggest a lawyer for that area. If there was a criminal act, or even an act that that should have been handled in civil court about an action a decade ago the statute of limitations may has well run out.

    But again your lawyer should be able to help you on this.

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    Default Re: Shares of Stock Were Stolen from a Parent's Estate

    If the stock is in the trust, then it would appear not to have been "stolen" but to have been transferred into the trust. The person at Boeing may have been referencing your sister's holding the stock in her capacity as trustee. We have no way to investigate these issues for you, but if necessary your lawyer can get a court to compel disclosures by your sister or subpoena records from Boeing as part of any ongoing litigation or new lawsuit.

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    Default Re: Sister Stole Boeing Stock when Dad Died

    Thank you, I am worried about statue also. My attorney doesn't respond or answer my calls or emails. He is doing this on a continguency and is way too busy. But, I'm stuck I'm too deep in and I want to do something and I can't afford to start all over with someone new. I am really sorry to say this but, it is impossible to know about an attorney until you are too deep in. I am stuck and don't know what to do. I am not going to complain about my attorney, that serves no purpose. But, I am complaining about his lack of doing anything. I don't know where to turn or what to do. I am in the right yet my attorney isn't moving on any of this. I don't get it. Oh, and my attorney is really nice when I speak with him so it makes it harder to get forceful with him especially since he isn't getting paid right now. Should that matter???? I desperately need some help.

    Thank you for this information. No, the stocks are solely in my sister's name not in the trust name. Boeing has no record of my mother,her trust or any of her personal info. My dad owned Boeing stock. I have no idea but, I doubt if he sold them prior to his death. The Trust document and the Will have no mention of any Boeing stock. My sister has told so many lies she can't keep track of them. So when she gave a partial accounting to her attorney my sister obviously forgot the stocks belonged to my dad, figured I didn't know and told her attorney to tell my attorney there were Boeing stocks in the trust. But, Boeing clearly stated the stocks are in my sister's name alone not in the name of the trust. I don't believe my sister would think I would be able to find out this info. I desperately need help now and I don't know what to do. My attorney is not doing anything as far as I know because he doesn't respond to me. It is driving me crazy. Thank you for your information.

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