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    Default What Happens if You Get an Out-of-State DUI Conviction

    My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of: Alabama-Have an alabama drivers license, got a D.U.I. in tennessee. Generally what would be the laws on suspension length and interlock devices for a 1st offense D.U.I. What would tennessee possibly impose that might supercede alabama laws. This was a non-accident D.U.I. 1st offense in Tennesee w/an Alabama Drivers License. Thanks for your help.

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    Default Re: Alabama License Tennessee DUI

    TN First Time DUI Conviction penalties:

    Jail time: 48 hours up to 11 months, 29 days for offenders in violation of 55-10-401
    .20 BAC or greater minimum jail time 7 consecutive days
    License revocation for 1 year - Restricted License available
    You will be ordered to participate in an alcohol and drug treatment program
    Ignition Interlock Device installed at your expense. Minimum first year costs could exceed $1,000.00
    Drug and Alcohol Treatment may be required at the judge's discretion.

    Alabama will find out about your revocation and they will suspend your AL license. Whether they will only do so for the 90-days a first time DUI offense normally gets in AL or the full year, I cannot say.

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    Default Re: Alabama License Tennessee DUI

    I read that after july 2018, alabama will go back past 20 years looking for DUI's, if Implied Consent Refusal at arrest. If a DUI is found, they will consider it a Felony DUI. Will this supercede Tennessee law of only going back 10 years whether Implied Consent Refusal at time of arrest, when DUI occured in TN. Which court has jurisdiction? Thanks for your help.

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    Default Re: Alabama License Tennessee DUI

    The TN court has jurisdiction regarding your punishment for the crime you committed in your state.

    Alabama's Driver's License department will have jurisdiction over how they chose to punish you for that. You will not face any separate criminal proceedings in Alabama, just the administrative penalties.

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    Default Re: Alabama License Tennessee DUI

    Do you know anything about alabama going back more than 20 years if you refuse the BAC? I'm reading online that they consider a 1st DUI a felony if you refuse the BAC? Would the administrative part that Alabama would have jurisdiction over, then become a 5 year license suspension? Thanks for your help.

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