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    Default What Can You Ask For in a Divorce

    My question involves a marriage in the state of: Michigan

    I don't know how much of this matters to discuss, but I am miserable in my marriage due to my husband's behavior. Our first three years of marriage were wonderful and then shortly after he has become negative and rude to me. I greet him when he comes home and he shuns me away. He doesnt care to give me attention or treat me with respect. He throws parties with his friends and gets drunk complaining about life and that he has to give ME all his money for bills. Things were getting better when we found out we were pregnant. He was over the moon, but then we miscarried three months later. Since, he has become the bitter man he once was.

    My problem is, I feel so miserable in this marriage and that I'm doing all the work. He was making $15 an hour and then quit and went to a minimum wage paid job because "he felt like it" and said "I feel like a slave" leaving me to cover all the medical bills, grocery bills and things he doesnt pick up. I'm paying $400 in medical bills for our miscarriage as we had to have a DNC and at the time they went off what we could afford based on our income. He hasnt paid a dime on that bill at all and this happend three months ago of of today.

    The biggest thing of all, is I dont feel appreciated and loved. He isnt trying, he has given up. My question is, if I file divorce, is he responsible also for that bill? Can I ask for that? I've been working two jobs to cover this thing by myself and groceries. I feel like Im out of energy. Also, Im worried he will get violent. He gets real angry when he feels he is right and throws temper tantrums and the cops were already over once concerned because a neighbor called on him hearing him screaming at me. Could I file a restraining order if Im concerned of my well being? I own the home and owned it before we were married. So I know I get to keep the home. Please let me know. I also am out of money. I had a savings fund, its gone to bills. I have an IRA account, in my name only and I dont want to deplete funds from that over a divorce. I know he cannot afford an attorney, and I really dont have a way to pay for this myself and hire one. What do you suggest? What are my legal rights here?

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