My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: MN

A rental car was left with a hotel valet (only parking option) at check-in. Valets were dressed in hotel-branded uniforms. A claim ticket for the car was provided, along with the usual instructions of how to call for retrieving the car. The following morning, after calling the valet stand to collect the car, an unusually long wait occurred. Finally, a valet attendant notified me that they were unable to locate my car. The hotel management arrived on scene and all were in agreement that a police report should be filed. A report was filed for the missing vehicle (further identified as "stolen" in an email from hotel management).

The rental car was recovered several days later, heavily damaged and looted, with the original keys in the car (keys left with the valet at the hotel check-in). A suitcase was left in the trunk of the car during check-in, which was subsequently looted and anything of value either stolen or destroyed.

The hotel and valet company (third party operator, outsourced by the hotel) ceased communications with me after the police report was filed. As the rental car company wanted the vehicle repaired and returned to service, a damage claim was filed with my personal auto insurer. They paid for the repairs, minus my $500 deductible, with repairs exceeding $6,000. No further loss recovery nor damages were sought by the rental car company. Attempts were made to contact the hotel and valet company to notify them of the repair situation and out-of-pocket expenses. No successful contact was ever made, and emails/phone calls went unanswered.

The issue was raised with hotel corporate management, seeking retribution for the out-of-pocket repair expense and replacement value of items looted/destroyed from the suitcase (in excess of $7,000). While sympathetic on the phone, they internally deferred to the third party valet company. Several days later, the valet company advised they reviewed the case and do not find any negligence on their part, with no further details. A follow up call to hotel corporate resulted in their assertion the hotel was not negligent in any way.

For what basis is the valet company liable in this case? Is the hotel property liable to any extent? The valet breached their duty of contract by failing to safeguard the vehicle and/or keys, as evidenced by the fact that the original keys were located inside the car when it was eventually recovered. CCTV footage may be available, but it is not accessible to me as the police report names the car owner as the rental car company. Once the car was recovered, the auto theft case was presumably closed. My resolution sought is recovery of costs involved in the vehicle repair and replacement of goods stolen from inside the car.