My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Illinois

I have what started out as a $6000.00 student loan back in 1988-89. I married a man from Saudi Arabia and became a victim of spousal abuse. I was not allowed to answer my phone, door or get my mail. I was in school when I discovered that my student loans had been put in default and could no longer go to school and finish my degree. I obtained an order of protection and a divorce, but I was a mother of 5 children- one who is high functioning autistic and bi-polar, therefore could not afford to pay them back as my only source of income was state aide. I am remarried and would like to know what my options are for fixing this. We do not make a lot of money and just have enough to live on. We can not afford a payment of more than $25-50 a month- sometimes not even that. What can I do????