My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: New York (New York City)

I have a motorcycle which I park on the street opposite my apartment. I always have it covered. One day I was walking home from the subway and saw that the cover had been lifted up and that the license plate was stolen. I couldn't do much about it right then and there because it was passed 6pm so I put the cover back down and intended to go to the DMV the following day. What I did do was go to the cops that night and report the plate as stolen.

Next day I went outside and my bike had been towed. They must have lifted the cover and seen the plate missing. I had to go and get a new plate and registration which has taken almost a week. I just got it back from the impound. I have a $65 ticket and several hundred dollars in tow and storage fees.

I want my money back. I wasn't given a fair chance to do anything about this. I can fight the ticket but what about the fees? I had to pay them already to get the bike back. Do I get a refund if I win the ticket dispute? I have the police report regarding the stolen plate so is there something I can do with that?

Thanks for any help.