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    Default Re: Division of Property Owned Jointly Outside of Marriage

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    You can’t remkve your wife from the deed. Only she can do that.
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    It's feasible, but doing it without the advice and assistance of an attorney would be incredibly foolish.
    As stated, I would absolutely consult an attorney. And she would have to agree to remove herself from the deed. Made the offer tonight. Advised her to consult her attorney before agreeing to anything, but I'm hopeful we can come to an agreement for our daughters sake. Thanks for the advice and feedback.

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    Default Re: Division of Property Owned Jointly Outside of Marriage

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    The scenario is this:

    House value of 300k
    Mortgage of 200k
    Selling the house at 300k would return about 70k after payoff and closing costs
    The split would be 35k

    Instead of all that, I refinance with a co-signer, pull 35k in equity to buy my wife out and I keep the house. Because my wife is no longer on the deed and another individual is, would it still be considered a marital asset? You must not cohabitate for 12 months in MD before you can obtain a divorce and I don't want her to be able to change her mind after 8 months and force me to sell the house and again get 50% of any equity a second time.

    I'll definitely consult a lawyer before doing anything but figured I'd check here first to see if anyone knew if its even feasible.
    It would be part of your separation and settlement in your eventual divorce. She would not be able to force a second settlement on the house.

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