My question involves estate proceedings in the state of: California

My mom's sister has two kids and are fighting over the estate. My mom was listed as second in line after the one daughter and the other daughter is not given a dime cause she stole thing from her mom etc. Since my mom's sister died, the one daughter is suing, not for contesting of the will/trust, but for elderly financial abuse of both her sister and my mom. My mom wants nothing and does not want to get an attorney or pay for one, yet the one daughter's attorney that is in first position is telling my mom she needs an attorney. Apparently she is trying to get three times what the trust is worth, which is only the house. My mom doesn't want to spend anything on this, as in my opinion, this nasty niece is just going after my mom cause she help the one niece with funeral arrangements of her sister and has money. The one daughter that is listed as deed owner of the house, has no money except what the house she was left is worth; Apparently, the attorney halted any sale of the house, which I don't understand when she is the legal owner of the house. Is there anything my mom can do or something she can file her self to remove herself from this mess? Again, she wants nothing from this or planned on anything from it. If she must get a lawyer, can she collect money from the estate to pay for it etc? Any advise would be appreciated.