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    Default Will Parents' Home Purchase Affect a Child's SSI Eligibility

    I am from Texas and was wondering, Will my step daughters SSI stop if her mom and I purchase a home?

    We want/need to get our own place of our own for space and want to have more children.

    But we are under the impression that if we get approved for a home loan, our daughter will no longer receive the medical care she needs..

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    Default Re: Will Parents' Home Purchase Affect a Child's SSI Eligibility

    The house that a claimant resides in does not count in the asset test. It's possible this might result in a reduction of the SSI benefits depending on just what is going on (there's a reduction when others are contributing to the room and board).

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    Default Re: Will Parents' Home Purchase Affect a Child's SSI Eligibility

    A home that you live in is excluded from resources. If you move out of the home, then the equity value of the home is a countable resource. So yes, you can own a home and your child can still get SSI.

    There would be no reduction in benefits unless other people are paying the mortgage or utilities or food. As long as the parents are paying with their money or the child's SSI money, there is no reduction.

    You should be prepared to show the closing documents to your local SSA office as well as proof of where the down payment came from. The cash saved for the down payment is a countable resource, so the cash could cause a period of ineligibility.

    More children also need to be reported to SSA. I assume you make enough money to support more children.

    Are either or both of the parents working? Are they reporting their wages every month? Parental income causes many overpayments to SSI children. You don't want them turning 18 and have an unpaid debt to SSA

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