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    Default Falsely Accused of Owing Money to an Ex-Roommate

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Texas

    I moved in with a “friend” in April and was paying half of the rent every month(500) however I was not on the lease. I never saw a utility bill or anything for that matter. He demanded utilities and extras and I paid what I had to him which wasn’t much. After a while I lost my vehicle and had to pay 2/3 days late for a few months due to pay cycles. Roommate started snooping in room, throwing away my stuff stating that he was cleaning and that I couldn’t do anything about it. He was also very poor with money management, so I was always approached with ”I’m overdraft’d on my account because of you now you owe me X amount.” He was making up amounts from $300-$500 and so on which would amount to almost 30 overdraft fees plus. I felt unsafe living there after the last incident of him going though my room and throwing away my things. Since I didn’t have a car and still don’t I grabbed what I could and left.

    However, now he’s posting online stating I owe him X amount however he never sticks with a set amount and it’s never the same from person to person. He has created group messages with one of my employers and employees stating this and that calling me out of my name and threatening to throw away my stuff; thus costing me a job. I have stuff at the apartment still however, I don’t feel I owe him any money, due to never seeing a single bill.

    Matter is now I want my stuff back, and I want him to cease posting my name on public groups and messaging my bosses. What do I do now that I no longer live there and I need my belonging returned yet he keeps bad mouthing me publicly with no proof?

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