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    Default Must Move Due to Unpermitted Unit

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: CA

    Two friends and I rented a 3 br. cottage one month ago. Today I received a message from the landlord stating that the city cited him because this cottage is only permitted as a 2 br. rental. It looks like one of us will have to move, and in case I draw the short straw I'm trying to anticipate my demands. As of now I plan to ask to have my deposit returned, and ask for moving expenses. Possibly go to small claims court if needed for the latter. Is there some standard procedure here that would benefit me to know about? It seems pretty simple but I don't want to let something slip through the cracks for lack of knowledge.


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    Default Re: Must Move Due to Unpermitted Unit

    If it is legal as a 2:bedroom unit, nobody has to move. There is nothing saying you can’t bunk 2 in a room

    what it could allow you to do is terminate the lease entirely since the lease was for a 3bedroom unit and it obviously isn’t

    i domt think you have a shot at any amount of money unless you all agree to terminate the lease. If the remaining parties agree to continue the lease, you wouldn’t be due snythumg because it is being accepted as it is.

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    Default Re: Must Move Due to Unpermitted Unit

    Check the local ordinances for any protections that they may offer to tenants, above and beyond state law.

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