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    Unhappy Stop Payment on Services Rendered

    My question involves independent contractors in the state of: Texas

    I am a Painting contractor and have been working for a home builder for over a year and i have contracts for each project. I submit draws each week to pay labor. over the past nine weeks they have shorted me on my draws with no explanation and last week they shorted a 1800.00 invoice to 950.00 which i was paid then four days later i received notice from my bank that there was a stop payment on the check. I have repeatedly tried to contact them with no success. Is it legal to stop payment on services rendered and do i have any recourse and can i put a lien on the property?

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    Default Re: Stop Payment on Services Rendered

    You may be able to place a lien on the property or properties for which payment is due; we're not in a position to get into those details, as we know next to nothing about your situation and have not seen your contract with the contractor who owes you money. Read through the governing law, here.

    Beyond that, odds are your remedy is to sue the contractor for any money owed.

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