My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: FLORIDA

In my lease it states that I have submitted last months rent and it is deposited in an account at suntrust Bank. At lease signing I also gave first months rent and various deposits. I was evicted (I will spare the reasons as they are irrelevant). During the 6+ months it took the courts to screw up everything I deposited 100% of the rent each month as directed into the registry of the clerk of fees. I did not get an attorney because I thought by doing the right thing and paying as agreed into the registry, it would work itself out. Unfortunately, the judge on this case admitted to not looking into the registry and assumed I wasnt paying and issued a judgment for eviction. I was able to get an emergency stay on it but then that judge left office and a new one took over and lifted it. Thats all irrelevant to my question anyway, just some back story which there is alot more to. They had other "plans" for the home that did not include me...just my money and as much as they could squeeze from me.

So my question is simple and I cannot find any answers to it. All rent was paid completely in full as of the date the eviction stated we had to leave. The property was in good shape with nothing more than normal wear and tear. No monies were owed at all to the landlord and management company. I realize they will find creative ways to keep my deposits and I dont really care about that. However, I care ALOT about the $1,500 I gave as "last months rent" written into the lease. How do I get that back? I still havent seen any documents about the deposit but its only been about 20 days since the last day I was legally told to leave according to the eviction. I know they have like 30 days with an explanation of the deposit. I cant find anything on last months rent that was deposited into an account of their choosing. All my emails and calls to them and their attorneys goes unanswered. They are serious cowards and bullies. Can they legally keep the last months rent I gave to them at the beginning of the lease. Crappy part is in court I asked the judge if I could use that last months rent for my "last month at the property" and she said no so I went downstairs and paid into the registry. The judges response to me in court was "its a completely separate thing to this eviction and cannot be discussed or settled in this court" is that all about? The leasing company STOLE from me along with their attorney and home owner as far as I see it. All a scam.