My question involves defamation in the state of: Nevada

This is a long and involved mess, but I'll try to summarize. I live in Nevada, and have been a regular customer at a local bookstore with cafe for over 6 years. Never had any problems. A year ago in Aug 2017, one of the employees filed a civil stalking complaint against me, so the judge issued a TPO. This woman had been very friendly with me for many months, then became angry at me (back in May 2016) for some reason I am not sure of, and stopped talking to me. I had never made any attempt to ask her out, etc. I then stayed away from her for a full year, but did try to mitigate tensions indirectly on 2 occasions over that time (a card and a potted flower), but she ended up accusing me of stalking because of this.

So, since Aug of 2017 there was the year-long TPO, 4 hearings, plus 5 subpoenas filed by me and questioning of 2 of the Store Managers in court. A couple of weeks ago, the judge dropped the TPO and case, stating he felt I was no actual threat.

Back in May-June of 2017, I had contacted 4 levels of management in trying to resolve this issue. I first talked to the Store Manager, but several days later, she told me to leave the store, never return, and called the Police and told them I was trespassing and refused to leave; even while I was gathering my personal belongings and explaining to the 2 people at my table that I had been ejected. Under questioning in court, she testified that she had made the call within about "1" minute of telling me to leave. She also told the Police other obvious fabrications. I was not cited on that occasion.

Then 3 months after my ejection, the SM again called the Police and accused me again of trespassing when I was seen by the Assistant SM on the property of the "adjacent" business talking to a friend. My actual location was corroborated by questioning of the ASM in court. After those hearings, I filed a formal complaint with the PD about the managers' actions, in regards NRS 207.280 "giving false information to the police in regards a crime".

In short, there was massive over-reaction by the 2 SMs and multiple lies told to the Police. As I see it, the SMs tried to "frame" me twice for trespassing. Furthermore, the Corporation has apparently barred me from all of their stores in the country, as of about 6 months ago while the case was still in progress. They obviously did this prematurely, and without due diligence in looking at both sides of the situation. I believe I have been wronged by the SM's actions and by the Corporation. This whole thing has caused me a lot of time, trouble, and embarassment over the past year. As I had 30 or more acquaintances at the cafe, I have lost reputation and many of those people are wondering if I really am a bad guy. I would like to sue this corporation for a lot of money. Advice?