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    Default Challenging Probable Cause for a Traffic Stop Resulting in a DUI Charge

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: oregon

    I understand that you wait for the vehicle turning left that is on the street befor you enter the street taking your left turn. my question is what applies if the vehicle that is still approaching the intersection will be unable to make his or her left turn, yet because their is two lanes you are able to safely take your left turn onto the street. I guess I may have jumped the gun but I believe I was acting safely. now because of a .04 blood alcohol level and making that split second decision which did turn out as i thought it would they are charging me with impaired driving.

    my question is first did a break a law by taking a turn before a car that was required and actively giving right of way to the car that did not block my path. Then not having money how should I proceed to defend against the claim that I was impaired? even if I was at fault I would believe I should get a ticket not a impaired charge. Further information I did submit to testing I did get the .04 half the legal limit they did not do a urine or blood test which I would believe if the police officer truly thought I was impaired would have proceeded with himself.

    Sorry if I'm being confusing but I am upset I thought I did everything as a model citizen should. I had 2 drinks at the bar then proceeded to play pool and drink water for a hour and a half to ensure the alcohol in my system was at a safe level. I did not just jet into my turn I thought about it, and I thought it was a legal maneuver being the person I would usually yield to was incapable of turning. I guess I'd rather have the ticket then someone saying I did not try or wasnt being responsible we all can make improvements I'm sure some of you would not appreciate anyone driving with a .01 even. Oh I drink daily a bit if beer and cider usually maybe 6-10 a day so my tolerance to .04 shouldn't be an issue I'm about 165 pound male 31 years old and was not on a empty stomach

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