My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Florida
Hi everyone,
A couple of months ago I had my AC replaced in the bedroom area. They installed a 3 ton unit for an area if roughly 700 sq ft. Despite my doubts, they confirmed it was the right size. After all, they are the experts, not me. It turns out that the indoor unit is extremely noisy, the pressure in the ducts is so high that the debit of air coming to the room is high and again, very noisy. I had to remove the vents to avoid any whistling noise. The tape around the top of the AC is coming off, there is so much pressure in that small closet.
The AC company came back twice, to slow down the speed of the fans, yet the problem remains. Now they are telling me my ducts are too small and offer me a quote to change them.
I had another 2 AC company round and they both confirmed the unit was oversized. Solution may be to install bigger ducts, but it would be best to change the unit of course.
How can I get the AC company to do a correct job and replace the unit to a smaller one at no cost to me? Thanks a lot for your help.