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    Default Divorce from an Immigrant Spouse

    My question involves a marriage in the state of California.

    After a long term relationship ended between myself and one another , I wasnt myself I fell into drugs and become vulnerable . I was manipulated by a man who made me believe he would take care of me and provide the security I needed , I blindly believed him and turned to him for everything , he financially helped me with whatever I was struggling in , he was there when I needed advice , all I saw was something to good to be true .

    Now that I am sober , and after figuring out his lies I realized he manipulated marrying me to make his citizens status longer , I’m young and I was not in the right mind I feel he took advantage of me . I called upon a divorce and he instantly got angry and going off and threatening me , now that the true colors have been shown, I don’t know this guy he isn’t the sweet caring guy I met almost a year ago . He’s a monster who know is trying to ruin my life because ? I won’t stay with him I need help and don’t know what to do??? He sends me threatening text off of multiple numbers saying he’s going to throw me in prison and I never wanted any of this strife I just wanted to be away from this man .

    Am I stuck ?
    I don’t know anything about immigration let alone marriage ...
    I’m looking for a lawyer and advice I’m only 20 and scared for my life

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    Default Re: Divorce from an Immigrant Spouse

    You can file to divorce your spouse. His immigration status is irrelevant.

    If you sponsored him, and it's not clear how you would have done so under the circumstances, you can be required to repay the state for the cost of public assistance should he become dependent -- but it sounds like he has plenty of money, so even if you sponsored him that is not likely to be a concern.

    You don't have to help him with future immigration issues, but your divorce won't necessarily prevent him from gaining permanent residency or later removing the conditions on his permanent residency.

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    Default Re: Divorce from an Immigrant Spouse

    If he threatens to harm you. Call 911. Do not wait.

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