My uncle and I urgently require the medical notes for a relative who passed away recently, for a legal case.

Our relative lived in the UK and was a british citizen.

We have been granted access, and given some notes, but have been told that the primary care/family medicine notes are missing. These are significant for our case (not a medical neglience one).

We don't get the impression that the staff have bothered to look carefully for these, and are willing to either pay a member of their team to help us find these out of hours, or ask a doctor friend (who is unattached to the family medicine practice) to do the job of looking herself.

The primary care administrators are not open to either of these suggestions.

What can we do legally to improve our chances of finding these notes?

If they refuse can we sue the practice for this loss of notes?

It has a major impact on our legal case.

Thank you so much!