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Applying with another temp agency and figured I'd highlight similar statements:

2. Claims Subject to Agreement. The “Covered Claims” under this Agreement shall include all common-law and statutory
claims relating to my employment, including, but not limited to, any claim for breach of contract, unpaid wages, wrongful
termination, and for violation of laws forbidding discrimination, harassment, and retaliation on the basis of race, color,
religion, gender, age, national origin, disability, and any other protected status. I understand and agree that arbitration
is the only forum for resolving Covered Claims, and that both ****** and I hereby waive the right to a
trial before a judge or jury in federal or state court in favor of arbitration for Covered Claims.

6. Limitations on Actions. ****** and I agree to bring any claims that each party may have against the other
within 300 days of the day that such party knew, or should have known, of the facts giving rise to the cause of action, and
The parties mutually waive any longer, but not shorter, statutory or other limitations periods. This waiver includes, but is not
limited to, the initial filing of a charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and/or state equivalent civil
rights agency. However, I understand that I will thereafter have the right to pursue any federal claim in the manner
prescribed in any right to sue letter that is issued by an agency.

8. Waiver of Class and Collective Claims. Both ****** and I also agree that all claims subject to this agreement
will be arbitrated only on an individual basis, and that both ******* and I waive the right to participate in or receive
money or any other relief from any class, collective, or representative proceeding. No party may bring a claim on behalf of
other individuals, and no arbitrator hearing any claim under this agreement may: (i) combine more than one individual’s
claim or claims into a single case; (ii) order, require, participate in or facilitate production of class-wide contact information
or notification of others of potential claims; or (iii) arbitrate any form of a class, collective, or representative proceeding.

16. Savings Clause & Conformity Clause. If any provision of this Agreement is determined to be unenforceable or in
conflict with a mandatory provision of applicable law, it shall be construed to incorporate any mandatory provision and/or
the unenforceable or conflicting provision shall be automatically severed and the remainder of the Agreement shall not be
affected. Provided, however, that if the Waiver of Class and Collective Claims is found to be unenforceable, then any claim
brought on a class, collective or representative action basis must be filed in a court of competent jurisdiction, and such court
shall be the exclusive forum for such claims.

Is there any similarity to before?
No, not at all. These are about how claims should be submitted to the temp agency. Most contracts (any kind of contract) would have something along these lines. This contract is assuming that you already understand that the temp agency is your employer, therefore its not addressing that.