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    Default Can You Sue a Landlord for Harassment

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Ohio

    What are the available criminal statutes in Ohio that can be brought against a landlord who harasses, tortures, intimidates, seizes, obstructs, a tenant so severely that they are deprived of conditions suitable for gainful employment and are unable to pursue their interests in life, liberty, property?

    My landlord is clearly breaching criminal statutes on stalking, abduction, retaliation (18 U.S. Code 1513) tampering with a victim or witness (18 U.S. Code 1512), and felony theft. The service is clearly not being provided here. I am paying $735 per month and I'm being abused and tortured by management and other residents to the point that I am unable to function. I can't use my property, work from this location, or even think due to constant intentional alarming conduct being directed at me. Every day I am 'seized in my person' for hours and hours on end, watching my precious time being stolen from me, due to constant noise torture being directed at me (all of it intentional).

    I have OVERWHELMING PROOF of all my claims and its intentional nature.

    Of course, I KNOW that the above criminal statutes apply, but the police like to play games and act like major felonies become small little civil infractions by trying to define the offenses using 'landlord-tenant' language to help landlords get away with crime. The cops act like they can clobber you over the head with a baseball bat and throw you in a dumpster and that's somehow a 5k settlement on Judge Judy for 'constructive eviction.' Obviously, that kinda talk is bullshit.

    This is like saying Harvey Wienstein can't be charged with Rape or Sexual battery because it's all "Title VII or Title IX," which are another misrepresented set of laws used to aid and abet criminals (I was told by my adviser that offenses amounting to sexual battery, rape, felonious assault, and extortion were free against me because I wasn't a member of a 'protected class').

    I want these animals criminal prosecuted, and I will be seeking big money damages for this. I have suffered over 100k in lost earnings, plus pain and suffering, plus loss of enjoyment (and this qualifies for punitive because its criminal and intentional).

    What are some of the crimes a landlord guilty of the above offenses could be charged with?

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    Default Re: Intentional Landlord Harassment Amounting to Criminal Misconduct

    You need to go get a consult with a local attorney who can explain to you, face to face, what is an isn't realistic in your situation.

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