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    Default Police Interference With a Criminal Investigation

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: MI

    5 years I ago I was sexually assaulted by my female domestic partner at the time, requiring surgery to correct. This incident was reported to the University police repeatedly, but the theory is that due to my previous run ins with that department and the female suspect being both alumni of the university and having extensive police family, the university police refused to investigate. Three further attempts were made over the course of the next 2 years to report the situation, including a full emailed statement of everything that I sent to the police communications center and various title IX related departments throughout the university. We believe this provoked the police to retaliate against me and attempt to violate my probation (I was on probation at the time for possession of Adderal) for writing something stupid on my Facebook page.

    When I flew back to Michigan for that violation hearing the university detective was present along with the ex girlfriend and her police uncle, in attempt to testify against me to violate me. The judge dismissed the case without allowing testimony from anyone, we think because she understood that this was retaliation for my attempts to report the sexual assault to the university. Finally 1 year after that when I was finally released from probation I contacted the city police department instead about the sexual assault and a full investigation was actually run and submitted for prosecution, however charges were not filed due to an alleged lack of evidence.

    What we later learned (a month ago) through some sources, however, is the university police attempted to interfere with the city police investigation and subvert it via collusion between the university detective with a vendetta against me and her partner detective at the city police department. Their IA department caught this happening and fired the city police officer, fired the university police sgt. Detective, and suspended and demoted the university police detective with a vendetta against me from lead of their SVU unit. Their SVU unit was completely restructured with an actual sgt. assigned to supervise, lead, and be spokeswoman to the unit (before it had been two detectives in charge) Another city detective was assigned to finish the investigation.

    Obviously this has been a very stressful and upsetting ordeal, and I’m wondering if I have any sort of recourse for justice in a situation such as this. Perhaps a lawsuit? Should I contact a lawyer?

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