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    Default Can a Restocking Fee be Greater Than the Purchase Price

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: California
    I went to upgrade my phone at a certified Verizon seller and they basically hustled me into purchasing this car thing called the hum. But we did mention that we didn't want the product so he proceeded to make the charge to our bill without mentioning it was there. So we tried to return it and they said there was a 35$ restocking fee. But we only paid 30$ so if we returned it we would be losing 5$?

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    Default Re: Can Verizon Charge Me a 35$ Restocking Fee when I Only Paid 30$ for the Product

    Be a little clearer about what happened.

    You purchased the hum for $30, left the store with it, took it home or whatever, then you decided you didn't want it and took it back, and got hit with the restock fee.

    Or you looked at it on the counter, said "I don't want it," didn't touch it, he took it back and charged you the purchase price and the restocking fee.

    Which one of those two sentences more accurately describes what happened?

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