My question involves business law in the state of: California.

A co-worker of mine is working on starting a cannabis analysis lab in Santa Barbara county. Due to cannabis now being legal recreationally, it can be tested by the FDA; and therefore regulations must be adhered too. Seeing as how every batch of cannabis grown must be tested for organic contaminations, pesticides, biological contamination, TCH%...etc... there is a lot of profit too be made with a large potential client pool. The business model is sound, except for one problem, banking.

To our current knowledge it's extremely difficult to take the legal (by state) revenue generated by the business, and put it into the federal banking system. Even the local banks in town are FDIC certified and would therefor not be legally allowed to take money generated by a federally illegal industry.

Clearly I'm not a lawyer, which is why I'm seeking help, but what options are available for a company in the Cannabis industry to legally deposit money into the banking system? In my opinion this industry will eventually become legally federally, but until that time, what is legal?

Credit Unions? Offshore Accounts? Local Banks? Big Banks that don't care?