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    Default Re: Too Many Pharmacy Schools No Jobs. Can Graduates Sue if They Can't Find a Job

    Really, there's a ton of information out there about this. And it is fairly easy to access it. It is collected and reported and interpreted by the Department of Labor in your state as well as at the federal level. Your state will have some sort of labor market/career center/job seeker offices in each city or local area. These centers are located usually with state unemployment offices or as part of helping agencies, though they are not services for the low income exclusively. Any vocational training/career training that is affiliated with the state, non private schools, are monitored and are usually discouraged from even offering courses for which there is not a good chance of jobs being available in the field.

    They have counselors at Career Centers who can show you how to access all the labor market information,how to interpret it, tell you where appropriate training may be available. High school guidance counselors also have some training at giving job selection advice.

    But one place you are NOT going to get a realistic picture of what the employment picture is for the type of education they're wanting to provide is from the school itself. particularly the private schools, where they can offer to train you up as a dog groomer or a make up specialist, and generally assure you that 95 % of their graduates are currently employed. (At something.....they don't mention what) All they're really interested in is that PELL grant or loan that you took out and the money you'll be paying them upfront. These things are not being too carefully monitored lately, after all, we have some pretty prominent persons right now who thought this was a great way to make money a few years back!

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    Default Re: Can You Sue Your College if There Are Insufficient Jobs in Your Field for Graduat

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    Do pharmacy schools have an obligation to cut enrollment if graduates have little or no prospect of a job?
    The answer to the question asked is that no such legal obligation exists. It's also worth pointing out that the overall statistical likelihood of a graduate obtaining a job may have little or no correlation to any particular graduate's likelihood of obtaining a job.

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    Can graduates sue?
    Anyone can sue anyone for anything, but any lawsuit of the sort that you describe would almost certainly be dismissed at the early stages, and any lawyer who filed such a suit could be subject to sanctions for filing a frivolous lawsuit.

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    How would you suggest an 18-year-old go about this? There is a paucity of data. These are citizens who are not deemed responsible enough to drink alcohol or rent a car, yet they start taking out loans that eventually cost more than a home in certain parts of the country. How does someone at this age have the savy to research what job projections and supply of workers will be in 6 or 7 years? Believe me this data is well hidden and schools are not warning students before they enroll.
    You're kidding right? This supposed "paucity of data" didn't prevent you from including a bunch of statistical data in your original post. Why do you think you were able to acquire this data but someone else cannot do so. FWIW, my own children, who are significantly younger than 18, have the ability to do -- and have done -- this very sort of research.

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    Default Re: Can You Sue Your College if There Are Insufficient Jobs in Your Field for Graduat

    Most pharmacy programs are graduate school programs. So very few 18yos would be enrolling. Many pharma programs require a BS, so we're really talking about 22yos.

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    Default Re: Can You Sue Your College if There Are Insufficient Jobs in Your Field for Graduat

    Which does not change the point; the information is out there and easy to find with a simple Google search. It's just as ridiculous to think a 22 year old doesn't know how to Google something as an 18 year old. Of course, one does have to get up off one's duff and actually conduct the search; even Google does not yet provide answers triggered by mind control. Alexa still needs some guidance as to what you want.

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