My question involves education law in the State of: Idaho. I was a student at Idaho state University in 1996. I had some extenuating circumstances and dropped out after 1 semester. I moved to Arizona in late 1998 then Colorado in late 1999. I've now returned to Idaho and am attempting to return to ISU. I was informed I have been academically dismissed from ISU and have to appeal for readmission. I was confused because I had only one semester, so I went to talk to my advisor and bnb do the appeal paperwork.

While in with my advisor to sort it out, we discovered that the university has a record on my transcript for spring 1999. The grades from that semester are what resulted in my dismissal. However, I did not attend the University at any time in 1999 because I lived in another state. I attempted to deal with the registrar at ISU but they told me the only thing I can do is retake the classes. I am not willing to pay for a semester of classes I do not need. That is expensive!

I provided a court ordered name change from October 1999 that shows I had established residency in Arizona prior to the issuance of my name change, which would be during the semester ISU has on my transcript. I attempted to contact my former employer, but they no longer have records from that far back. (20 years!) So, I have no other documentation I can provide to prove I was not an Idaho resident 20 years ago. This innacurate semester will effect my cumulative GPA, may effect my degree program and potential employers may see it on my transcripts. I am not willing to take out student loans to retake classes that I never took in the first place and that are not required for my degree program. Further, some of the classes no longer exist, so I will have to petition to have the new equivalent class overwrite the old class. How can I make the school fix this? They are 100% uncooperative and dismissive.