My question involves business law in the state of: Florida.

As I was doing my due diligence on an arbitration case, I found out that the company owned by the other party, and which operates in Florida, is probably not in good standing.

The company was originally incorporated as an LLC with the Secretary of State of Minnesota. Management overlooked to file annual renewals in Minnesota 2017 and 2018, and the MN Secretary of State put them in administrative termination in March 2018. The company is now considered inactive there. Management renewed registration as a foreign entity in Florida in April 2018. Is it correct to consider the company in Florida as unregistered at this time?

I know this is a technicality, because there are procedures to reinstate companies by paying a nominal fee; when the issue will be raised they will have to first to file for reinstatement in Minnesota, reactivate their status there, and the renew their registration in Florida again; but for now they are deficient. I'm looking at this from my arbitration angle, because if the arbitrator rules in my favor, I will most probably have to enforce it by filing in federal court a petition of confirmation of arbitral award; in the past all payments due to me by the other party (and which came from an agreement) have been handled through his Miami company, because he resides overseas.