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    Default How to Litigate Against a Good Lawyer

    My question involves malpractice in the state of: TEXAS.
    When higher income abusers hire these "untouchable" lawyers. How are we supposed to have a fair court hearing? It's one thing to be bitter in a divorce. But when you are denied access to the laws said to protect you and your family. While these lawfirms are using Intel Agent assistance, or they are owned by them.This is a historical issue in my State. I'm already dying, so putting this out there no longer scares me.
    It's the thousands others who are currently trying to figure out what's up. It's all about using children in an unrational and lethal destruction of more than just one persons future.
    The border children and the children within in the US are being sold out like cattle on a stock exchange.

    You can't call anyone in the State because it seems they are all networked.

    I'd rather someone just say the obvious, "children don't matter" instead of making thousands of phone calls where all these freaking programs already know these lawfirms. And say. Welp. No can help.

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