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    Unhappy Tennessee Right-of-Way Law

    we have a new neighbor, and now he has put up a gate to be locked, and of course he said he will give us a key?! our property was given a 16 ft. right of way by the previous owner(1976) to my grandfather, who has sinced past on. and after looking at the row of title in the register of deeds. the road that connected to this right of way has been deleted and initials of the attorney and the previous owners, but not my grandfather. but it was signed on the bottom. but not were they deleted. the attorney is a local yocal. and has said without my grandfathers copy, were screwed. and this is property everyone wonts to see go to auction.set me straight with some truth.

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    Default Re: tennesse right of way law? TN

    Tell us EXACTLY what the right of way deed (the one recorded with the government) says (leaving out personal info).

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    Unhappy Re: Tennessee Right-of-Way Law

    sorry bad stor,m just came thru.this is as stated under the "BOUNDARY LINE AGREEMENT" IT IS FURTHER AGREED that the parties hereto, to avoid further disturbance and litigation, and in agreement of the mutual exchange of rights a way, that **** and wife,*** hereby grant unto*** all their right, title, and interest in the 16 1/2 foot right-of-way previously owned by great grandpa and granddad, at the lower end of *** and in the back side of *** field, on the *** in the second distric of **** TN, and inconsideration of thetransfer and conveyance of all the right, title, and interest owned by the said*** unto grandad and wife, of that 16 1/2 foot right-of-way from the barn of the said *** , up the west side of the said ****** creek in *** district of *** TN, to the lands owned by grandad and wife, and which said 16 1/2 foot right-of-way hereby conveyed to grandad and wife,. (crosses the land of *** and son *** to the bridge on the *** branch of the *** river to the county road.)this has been crossed out and written deleted, with the previous owner and the attorney initials but not my grandfathers. i think it was done after he signed it , but proof is in the pudding, help.

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    Default Re: Tennessee Right-of-Way Law


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