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    I don't know and I don't want to argue but common sense says - it's not illegal to share a copy of your driver's license, or your SS card, or your state ID. Why should it be illegal to share a copy of your CAC card?
    Because the federal government says it is.

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    The operative law is 18 USC 701. However, frankly, it's a bit tenuous if he's defaced it first, and it's not even clear that photocopying something like a CAC card which isn't going to be fooled like perhaps makign color copies of your old-style reserve id card or whatever is. Again, I'm not sure why he cares if the unit doesn't.

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    In the military it is, actually. The inability to divest yourself from your political beliefs (for example, communism or white supermacy) and espouse them while openly saying you are a member of the military is a violation of the UCMJ. We literally kicked out three Marines for marching with the white supremacists in Charlottesville, and the Commie Cadet was separated for making political statements in uniform. Specifically, violations of Article 92 and Article 134, as well as violations of several DOD directives and service-specific requirements.
    You made no mention that the guy did anything while in uniform. Articles 92 and 134 require both require something more than simply being a white supremacist.

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    I'm a bit unclear as to what you're asking, FaheyUSMC (and by the way, thank you for your service).

    Are you asking if YOU can get in trouble for sharing the picture of his CAC that he provided you, or are you asking if HE can get in trouble with showing you his CAC?

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