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    Question What are Grounds for the Replacement of Your Court-Appointed Lawyer

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Federal Charges in the state of Wisconsin

    So upon being released per federal detention hearing I have written a letter to my Federal Defenders Supervisor. I feel my 6th amendment rights are being violated for the following reasons

    1) He tried talking me out of a detention hearing, I had to request 4 times and a fifth time in writing before he would acknowledge the request

    2) I was in jail for 4 months on a Federal Hold with drug distribution charges, while there I requested my FULL discovery at least 8 times, in person and through message, He refuses to give it to me, he provided me a small packet and told me the rest doesn't matter and its too much to print. One time he said it was 1,000 pages and the next time he said 10,000. I still have not seen my full discovery.

    3) My lawyer has not asked me about my case and seems to assume im guilty, we had a pretrial motion hearing last week and I received a letter that he sent to the judge saying we had no pretrial motions and he discussed this with me fully, he also stated I waive my right to appear at the hearing. We never fully discussed anything and I never told him I waive my right to appear.

    I feel I am being treated unfairly and am expected to just be run through the system no questions asked. Are my grounds for requesting other council justified and did I do the right thing bringing it to his supervisors attention rather than the judge? Any help is great. Thank You

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