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    Default Sales Tax Debt from Closed Business

    Closed my SubS business in 2002, was audited and results indicated I was suppose to collect sales tax from certain customers from 1999 - 2001. State
    sent a notice of the amount and was never paid. Long story short, after closing the business in 2002 due to debt and failure.............avoided creditord until October of 2005 and filed personal chapter 7 under the old laws. Was discharged in January of 2006, trustee found a pref. payment and secured the payment from Chase and has filed his last statement of expenses and amounts to creditors who filed a claim, this was in Februart 2007.

    The only creditor to file a claim was the state tax commission, trustee awarded them what was left over from his expense. Since this debt at that time was over three years old and they excerised their right to claim the asset from the bankruptcy which is less than the amount due according to the state tax commission the tax debt considered settled? the state has not filed any type of lien on my property as of today.

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    Default Re: Sales Tax Debt from Closed Business

    It's probably settled. Ask your bankruptcy lawyer.

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