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    Default Developer Working on Amalgamated Plots

    We signed an agreement with a developer/promoter and it was finalized that he will construct a 3 storeyed building on our land (measuring approx 1.5 cottahs), out of which he will allocate us the entire second floor. And he will retain ground and first floor.
    According to him, since our land is a small one, it won't be possible to construct a building taller than 3 storeys.

    Now, he plans to amalgamate a vacant land(approx 3.5 cottahs) adjacent to ours and he talked with the concerned owner.
    According to the developer/promoter , If the lands are amalgamated then a 5 storeyed building can be constructed over the entire land(which now measures 5-6 cottahs).

    Now my question-If amalgamation happens, can we claim one more apartment ? (Considering the fact that WE ALREADY SIGNED agreement where it was finalized that he will give ONLY the second floor, as mentioned in the very first line here). If yes, What procedures are likely to be followed?

    Thanks for your patience for going through my essay.

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    Default Re: Developer Working on Amalgamated Plots

    This site is for US law only.

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