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    Default How to File for a Change of Court-Ordered Guardian

    My question involves a person located in the state of: Wisconsin. I live in Mo. My mother lives in Wi. The courts in Dane Co. have granted guardianship of my motherís person and estate to the county. I am her only son and want to petition for GN here. She has dimentia and will soon need 24 hr care by her family, not the government or an institution. How to proceed?

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    Default Re: Contest Court Ordered Guardianship

    Were you contacted about the guardianship proceedings that ended with her being placed with the state? Was she living on her own before this? If she was in a care facility due to the dementia, what happened to cause the guardianship proceedings?

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    Default Re: How to File for a Change of Court-Ordered Guardian

    You would need to file for a change of guardianship in the county in which guardianship was granted, and seek permission to relocate your mother to your state of residence. Odds are you will also need to file to be appointed guardian in your state.

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