My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Florida

I want to purchase a unit for investment purposes close to where I presently live.

I'm concerned about permits done for previous work. What happens if it is discovered that some of the work was done without a permit? Am I liable even when they happened during the previous owner's ownership?

The reason I ask is because a friend lives in the complex and when I asked her about the permit cost when she redid her kitchen a few years ago, she said that a permit wasn't needed to just replace kitchen cabinets.

So I called the City's Code Compliance Department and was told that a permit is needed even if all I want to do is replace kitchen cabinets without any changes to plumbing/electrical.

I know that the bathroom to the unit was renovated, and also the hole where a wall air conditioner used to be in the Master bedroom was closed. For some reason, they kept the A/C in the living room even after they installed the Central HVAC, and I would certainly want to remove it. Code Compliance said that any opening to an outdoor wall is considered a "window" and I would need a permit to close it.

So is there a statue of limitation for permit work? Would I be liable?

The City's Code Compliance Department has an online searchable database for permits and it looks like only 4 have been issued since 2012 in this ENTIRE building, so I don't want to open a can of worms by asking specific questions about this building at the Code Compliance office.