My question involves education law in the State of: Michigan

We have refused MSTEP for three years in our local brick and mortar school. We have always submitted the opt-out form from Thomas More Law Center in Ann Arbor and despite some unhappy principals, we have had no issues.

This coming year, we have decided to do an online public school. It is a charter school whose terms of enrollment (you check a box agreeing) include taking the MSTEP. I have attempted to get answers from the Michigan Department of Education and even from the Thomas More Law Center in Ann Arbor about this, but I never get a direct answer. I only get things like, "Charter schools are subject to different laws" and "Public schools are required to administer the test". Nobody will give me a direct answer.

I know charters can be forced to close their doors if they don't meet requirements of MSTEP. I get that part. What I am not being told is if their "terms of enrollment" os binding since it is a public school that cannot refuse a student of normal circumstances (no discipline issues, etc) to begin with if they are not at student capacity. The next thing I am wondering is what can they do if a student doesn't show up to take this test? Can they kick a student out for it? What happens if the student shows up but randomly selects answers (not really "doing" this test)? I am also curious about personal surveys some schools have been known to do asking very personal information along with other things like benchmark tests. We opt out of ALL of that which is not inclusive of report card grades. I would think that much of this would be included in Michigan School Code Section 380.10 where it discusses a parent's "fundamental parental rights"...are charters exempt from that one, too?

Why is this "Charter School" word such a big secret and nobody wants to give me straight answers? Please help! Thanks in advance!