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    Default How Long Does It Take To Close A Lawsuit

    How long does it take to close a law suit based on a car accident/ this is going on 3 months and my attorney wont give me a definite answer

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    Default Re: How Long Does It Take To Close A Lawsuit

    This lawsuit was only filed three months ago? In most of the country, resolving a lawsuit in three months would be very fast.

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    Default Re: How Long Does It Take To Close A Lawsuit

    I agree - 3 months would be very fast. Some may be resolved in a matter of a few months but most take longer. Each case is different & unique. It's hard to say how long any individual case will take. Your attorney should be keeping your case moving toward a resolution & regularly informing you of the progress.

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    Default Re: How Long Does It Take To Close A Lawsuit

    An automobile accident case can take months to many years.

    There are times when we will file a case that is settled or near settlement just to comply with the statute of limitations. These cases close out within a few weeks to a couple months.

    Most times when we file a lawsuit it is because we know the case will not settle without the defense doing extensive discovery and filing the claim will prompt them to action. Not unusual for this type of matter to take nearly a year.

    In cases where our client has catastrophic injuries and a long rehabilitation time, it will take many years from the filing of a lawsuit to either settle or put on a trial. In order to move the case along, we will filing early, long before we are ready to go to trial, just to get us in line for our trial date, even though we are a year or more from being ready to put on the trial of our client's case.

    On multiple six figure cases and higher, generally the defense is going to want to take the deposition of my clients before serious settlement discussions. In California, where our practice is focused, it usually takes about 18 months to actually have our trial. The pending trial date is a big motivator for the defense to put its best settlement offers out. So we'll file early just to motivate the defense and get the case moving.

    Some the answer is, some cases will settle in a few months, rarely, and some cases will take five years, rarely. Most cases are going to conclude between nine months and 18 months of filing, the way we run our files.

    We would not file a lawsuit if we have a settlement pending, unless we have a statute of limitations issue. If we are near settlement, no need to incur the expense for the client of filing and serving a case.

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    Default Re: How Long Does It Take To Close A Lawsuit

    My husband and I have been dealing with our accident lawsuit for over a year and still no trial date. The insurance company is dragging thier feet.

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