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    Default Consequences Of Failing To Provide Medical Care Coverage

    my best friend is paying child support buthasn't put the child on his medical and he was sent a letter asking for proof of medical, so he would like to know what can happen to him if he doesn't add the child? and also would the support go down once he add medical being in the military and medical is free.

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    Default Re: Consequences Of Failing To Provide Medical Care Coverage

    One common consequence is that the child gets ill or is injured, medical bills result, and the parent who has violated the court's order is required to pay all amounts that should have been covered by the insurance they failed to provide. He could also be found in contempt of court. You say he's in the military, so his C.O. probably won't be too happy with him if he's found to be intentionally violating a court order.

    You say that this is free coverage, so why are you even asking this question?

    No, obeying a court's order to provide medical coverage does not result in a reduction of your child support obligations.

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