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    Default What to Do About a Name Mismatch Between a Birth Certificate and ID

    My question involves name change laws in the State of Florida, former resident of Illinois and only have expired IL ID.


    I went to get my FL DL, and they had requested my birth certificate. When I received my birth certificate, the last name was different than my ID and SSN information due to being in foster care as a child. In my negligence, I have now waited too long and now have an Expired IL ID and cannot go through the process of performing a legal name change by the court. I was told I needed to have finger prints taken, however was refused by the Police and Sheriff's departments of the town/county I live in due to the invalid, expired identification. The Judge's assistant that I was assigned to also mentioned that the judge will not see me unless I have valid identification. I am not in the position to pay for a lawyer to resolve all of these issues. I was quoted $150 to even obtain an appointment for a consultation with a lawyer. I may have the ability to renew my IL ID, however I have lived in Florida for four years now, and have strong reason to believe it will not work.

    Thank you for assisting!

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    Default Re: Ssn and Id Do Not Match Birth Cert. and My Id Has Expired. Live in Different Stat

    Take all your documents to the social security office and get the social security card fixed to what your birth certificate says. Then go to the DMV and get an ID or license. Then if you're still not happy with the name you have, you can go through the courts to change it.

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