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    Default Do Online Auto Prices Have to Be Honored

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Oregon
    I found a advertised price at a dealership on line, called and spoke to a gal (alex) and verified price, filled out the on line credit request and was approved. Then drove 40 miles to the dealership and saw the vehicle and chose to purchase it. I set down with the salesman and he varified the price(anthony) again, he said there must be a error and got his boss, who then tried to sell us the vehicle for $7000 more. I told them that I came to buy it at the advertised price and not more. He said he could not sell it to me for that. When I got home I printed off the ad, as of now its still posted some 6 hours later. Do I have recourse ? I would like the vehicle.

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    Default Re: Do Online Auto Prices Have to Be Honored

    You can file complaints with the following agencies:

    But the reality is that you aren't getting that car for the advertised price and I doubt that your complaints will get you anywhere.

    I could be wrong, but car dealers are notorious for gaming the system.

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    Default Re: Do Online Auto Prices Have to Be Honored

    Mistakes happen. We don't have the facts necessary to determine if this was a mistake or an effort to mislead you as a consumer. We have no information on the dealership, or whether it has any history of posting misleading prices.

    If you believe that you can prove a case, you can try to sue the dealership in small claims court for the price differential. I won't promise that you'll either have an easy time arguing a case or that you'll win, as I lack the necessary facts to evaluate the merits of such a claim.

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