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    Default Can't access self-storage unit

    I rented a storage unit 6 years ago in SC, that I haven't accessed since first securing the unit (I've been out of state). Last month I rented a van and traveled there, after confirming with the company that I would be able to contact someone if I ran into a problem getting into the unit. I was told someone would come down. (They don't have onsite management). After I got there, I discovered the lock that was on the door isn't mine. I called the emergency contact number and the woman I normally spoke with in the past, told me she wasn't coming down, and didn't know anything about the lock being changed. She confirmed it wasn't an overlock, that I was current on the rent, and couldn't recall there having been any auction of unclaimed goods in the last few years. She claims to have taken over the business since I've rented the space. (I've always dealt with her when she was a secretary). I was unable to locate a locksmith who would cut the lock without management being there. A friend brought some equipment down to cut the lock off, but needed to access a power outlet, and again she refused to come down. She told me I would have to stay in town 2 nights until MOnday morning would she would come down. I couldn't do this.

    We are now at an impasse. I haven't paid the bill she's sent since, because at this point I have no proof that the possessions in the unit are mine, and I have incurred the cost of rent and travel to the city to claim my possessions. Unfortunately, I can't find my contract.

    Can I demand that the owner provide proof that my possessions are in the unit, and/or file a claim for a refund of my paid fees, loss of possessions, and cost of the rental van? ANy advice would be greately appreciated.

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    Default Storage Unit

    You can probably get the lock off with a bolt cutter.

    Failure to pay rent may result in an order of eviction, and possibly in the sale or auction of the contents of your unit to cover the arrearage.

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