My question involves a marriage in the state of: Virginia

My husband walked out of our home 3/2018, said he does not want a divorce. He is in a full blown Midlife Crisis. Through mail I see that he is not paying bills like credit cards, mortgage in a timely manner etc. I pay my utilities from a small pension I receive. Through advice I feel that I need to protect our assets, retirement fund, home etc. I also want to stay on my health and dental insurances. I am not trying to get divorced at this time although he has abandoned me and is having an affair. Should I get spousal support or a separation agreement? I don't have the money to hire a lawyer.

The credit cards that are not being paid are in his name alone. Will I be responsible to pay these or will he? These accounts were open after our marriage. Also, the home loan is in his name and not mine with the deed to the property in both of our names. I would like to use the home as a rental property.

One other question, If I move from the home, do to my job and rent it out, will I be abandoning the home in the eyes of the law?

Thank you so much for your advice.