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    Default Can a Third Party Debt Collector Change the Debtor's Name on a Collection Account

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Florida
    A third party debt buyer purchased the debt of a family member from a vehicle repossession as part of a portfolio. Can he legally change the name of the debtor on the account to a third party that is willing to settle/assume the debt.

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    Default Re: Can a Third Party Debt Collector Change the Name of the Debtor on a Collectio Acc

    The third party debt collector CAN do whatever the third party debt collector wants to do if it means getting paid.

    It wouldn't likely be necessary for the debt collector to change the name on the account and probably wouldn't want to since it's the original debtor that remains on the hook for the debt.

    If the family member is willing to pay the debt in full I'm sure that the collector would accept the money and clear the account.

    However, if the family member is offering a discounted settlement or payments, then it would be up to the debt collector to decide the terms.

    Understand that the debt collector not obligated to anything. It's strictly optional.

    All you can do is ask though it's likely that the debtor will have to do the asking since the debt collector isn't likely to talk to anybody else.

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