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    Are you saying that as a GC the city keeps records of how happy or unhappy of your customers? Does it keep a record of your on time/late completions?

    Is there a searchable database of all this and for every other GC in the country?

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    As a GC all my City activity is tracked and retrievable. How does The Bar keep track of lawyers?
    The bar doesn't track the activity of lawyers in any of the jurisdictions in which I practice. It has no need to do that. All it tracks is whether I am complying with the CLE requirements, my requirement to have client funds in trust accounts, and it tracks complaints made that an attorney has violated the rules of conduct. Apart from that, the bar doesn't need to know or care about the details of my practice.

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    OH, and knowing a lawyer's performance in the courtroom is as valuable as knowing a pro basketball player's performance on the court.
    The difference is that performance in some professions/occupations are much more easily reduced to a set of statistics than others. Some work cannot be measured solely by statistics. Consider the work of an artist. Can you reduce the value of the artistís work to simple statistics? I don't think so, since so much of what is considered good or bad art is subjective. The same is true for lawyers. Much of what determines whether an attorney is good or bad is not quantifiable in raw statistics. It is subjective. That's what I've been telling you repeatedly in this thread.

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