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    Default What to Do if Your I-131 is Expiring and You Can't Return to U.S. Before it Expires


    I am in a very stressful position right now, I have a valid I-131 (my first ever) that expires late September 2018, the plan was to go back to the States and reapply for my second I-131 before the current one expires, however I do not have money nor am I actually able to get time away from work currently.

    My question is- are there any other options for me regarding the timeline? It occurred to me that once the I-131 expires- I will automatically go back to my Green Card status, and therefore could technically come back to the States within the usual 6 Month period, then apply for my second I-131.

    Am I wrong here? Are there any other possibilities for my situation? Or must I return to the States within the validity of my current I-131 in order to apply for a second?

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: What to Do if Your I-131 is Expiring and You Can't Return to U.S. Before it Expir

    You're not making sense. I'm going to assume what you are really talking about here is a REENTRY PERMIT and not the I-131 (which is the application for such, along with a few other permits).

    If you stay out of the US for an extended period without a valid reentry permit, you may certainly be found to have abandoned your registry when you attempt to reenter.

    You'd better explain all the dates of your absence, etc... to an immigration attorney.

    Understand that a green card is for people who intend to reside here in the US, not as some alternative for getting visas for whatever purpose you want to come to the US transiently for.

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