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    Default Sexual Battery Against an Impaired Victim

    Hey i just wanted opinions on my brothers situation. He is accused of having sex with a woman who claims she was substantially impaired when they had sex. In his defense he told me and his attorney that him and the accuser met at a bar, she came up to him and was interested in him and danced on him most of the night. He says he never bought the girl a drink nor did he see a drink in her hand.

    After the night at the bar he left with her in a uber back to his apartment and they started having sex and out of nowhere the girl got emotional and told him to stop. He stopped and the girl was crying and emotional and said when she has sex sometimes she has flashbacks when she got raped years ago. After that my brother freaked out and made her feel better and told her it was best if she goes back to her home instead of spending a night at his place. She called a uber that same night and went back to her home.

    This accusation was MONTHS ago but my brother got indicted by a grand jury and was charged with sexual battery. Apparently the girl has a few of her friends as witnesses but in my opinion her witnesses are bogus because if they all knew she was really drunk why would they let their friend go home with a stranger??? I believe her witnesses are gonna say the girl was intoxicated but will that hold up?

    He is set to go to court soon and most likely will go to a jury trial. If you are members of a jury what would you think on this whole situation???

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