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    Exclamation Asked to Pay an Old Medical Bill

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: South Carolina.

    I received a bill from the doctors office from 2015 (2.8 years ago) asking me to pay $1171 for the IUD birth control procedure that was done at that time. It was a long time ago so I don't have all the detailed paperwork from that time but I clearly remember getting a bill for a few $100 after the procedure was done and I paid it off within a few couple of months. I also remember being told by the doctor before the procedure that there was some Obama plan at the time that concentrated on birth control and that my bill won't be as high due to that program (that's all the details that I remember). After the bill was paid I have not heard anything afterwards from anyone.

    Today I got the bill saying that I owe $1171 and it's 9 months overdue. It is not a collection agency bill or a past due notice, its just a regular bill. I contacted my insurance company and they said that they actually don't cover those procedures so they received a claim in 2015 but just didn't pay anything on it.

    I know I received bills and paid some amount after the procedure. I don't think they can contact me nearly 3 years later and request $1171. What should I do?

    PS: I may have the old bill for a few $100 that I paid them before and I will look for it.

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    Default Re: Asked to Pay 2.8 Year Old Medical Bill

    You may have paid a copayment of $100.00 back then and they filed the rest with your insurance. The insurance did pay it and now you owe it.

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    Default Re: Asked to Pay 2.8 Year Old Medical Bill

    The statute of limitations is 3 years. You can reset the clock by a partial payment or written acknowledgment of the debt.

    Depending on how long ago the last payment made was, you may simply wait out the sol to see if they sue you before it expires.

    Otherwise, if the insurance didn’t pay, you would be liable for the bill.

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