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    Default Recording phone calls Washington State/Oregon

    I have been recording phone calls between my ex, his wife,my children and my household members sence he started harrassing me(he is also no compliant with my court ordered summer visitation time). In a few days of doing so I have gotten his wife on tape yelling at me that I didn' want my children(re:custody) and my son confirming that he heard it :cry: among many other things.
    I have filed for custody (yesterday) but the proceedings will have to be in Oregon as that is where the children live and I am in Washington. Is there any hope of ever getting these tapes admitted?

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    Default Recording Phone Conversations in Washington

    Washington law generally requires that all parties to a phone conversation consent to its recording.
    Quote Quoting RCW 9.73.030 - Intercepting, recording, or divulging private communication -- Consent required -- Exceptions.
    (1) Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, it shall be unlawful for any individual, partnership, corporation, association, or the state of Washington, its agencies, and political subdivisions to intercept, or record any:

    (a) Private communication transmitted by telephone, telegraph, radio, or other device between two or more individuals between points within or without the state by any device electronic or otherwise designed to record and/or transmit said communication regardless how such device is powered or actuated, without first obtaining the consent of all the participants in the communication;

    (b) Private conversation, by any device electronic or otherwise designed to record or transmit such conversation regardless how the device is powered or actuated without first obtaining the consent of all the persons engaged in the conversation.

    (2) Notwithstanding subsection (1) of this section, wire communications or conversations (a) of an emergency nature, such as the reporting of a fire, medical emergency, crime, or disaster, or (b) which convey threats of extortion, blackmail, bodily harm, or other unlawful requests or demands, or (c) which occur anonymously or repeatedly or at an extremely inconvenient hour, or (d) which relate to communications by a hostage holder or barricaded person as defined in RCW 70.85.100, whether or not conversation ensues, may be recorded with the consent of one party to the conversation.

    (3) Where consent by all parties is needed pursuant to this chapter, consent shall be considered obtained whenever one party has announced to all other parties engaged in the communication or conversation, in any reasonably effective manner, that such communication or conversation is about to be recorded or transmitted: PROVIDED, That if the conversation is to be recorded that said announcement shall also be recorded.

    (4) An employee of any regularly published newspaper, magazine, wire service, radio station, or television station acting in the course of bona fide news gathering duties on a full-time or contractual or part-time basis, shall be deemed to have consent to record and divulge communications or conversations otherwise prohibited by this chapter if the consent is expressly given or if the recording or transmitting device is readily apparent or obvious to the speakers. Withdrawal of the consent after the communication has been made shall not prohibit any such employee of a newspaper, magazine, wire service, or radio or television station from divulging the communication or conversation.
    Generally speaking, it is not a good idea to make recordings in violation of that statute.

    Even where it is legal to record phone conversations, using such recordings within the context of a divorce case is problematic. It is something you would want to discuss with the attorney who would be representing you in the litigation.

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