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    Default Can a Person be Charged With DUI if Drunk and Standing Outside of the Car

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Ohio'
    My friend's car -driven by another person- struck a parked car. The officer arrived and documented both the passenger and the person standing outside the car were "highly intoxicated" but no tests indicated on the police report. Person outside the car stated she was not driving and had been in the back seat but officer documented both doors to the back seat were locked. Also open beer containers noted in front seat cup holder. Person standing outside the car had no license. Also supposedly a person nearby saw a man run off from the accident. The passenger was injured and required surgery . My friend's car was totaled.
    Also my friend's had no car insurance. It seems nobody was charged with anything but reading several pages of reports the officers seemed to suspect the person standing outside the car. Can this person be charged??

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    Default Re: Drunk and Standing Outside the Car

    Your question is pretty pointless - you seem to be hearing about this second-hand and don't know what really happened or what any witnesses "supposedly" saw. The person or persons involved should refuse to speak with the police and get an attorney if they get arrested.

    Yes, it is conceivable that the person could be arrested and charged. I'd consider it rather doubtful, but certainly possible.

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    Default Re: Drunk and Standing Outside the Car

    yes, somebody can be charged...with something. Just what is the question.

    But far too little real info to determine who may be charged and with what.

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